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Message from ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, Sanskriti Arts Ensemble

Your daily routine revolves around multi-tasking, tight schedules and endless chores. You are driven by the will to exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, yet limited in the freedom to pursue it. Your passion for dance, music and other performing arts lies untamed. You need a harmony of mind, body and soul to live life on your own terms.

Welcome to Sanskriti Arts- a fusion of South Asian performing arts – Dance, Music, Yoga, Tabla, and more! Through sweat, smiles and laughter, we’ll help take away the stress of your modern lifestyle. Join the Sanskriti family for a lifetime of fun!

Want to Dance?

Whether you want to experience the full-bodied style of Bollywood dance or feel the earth move under your feet with Bhangra; want to feel closer to your roots with folk dancing or are mesmerised by the enigma of Indian classical dance forms like Kathak; no matter where your passion drives you, Sanskriti is the place to bring your dreams to reality. Register now for dance lessons across the GTA! Learn More...

Book a Performance

The fuel of Sanskriti Arts is passion for dance. Puja Amin and her Ensemble blend various dance forms into inspired choreography that is so stunningly supreme, yet so comfortingly simple. View some videos of our performances across the Greater Toronto Area and many parts of Canada. From charity shows to private functions, weddings to solo performances, we can enliven and enthrall audiences anywhere. Get in touch to book a performance. Learn More...

Learn & Practice Yoga

In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, you need a channel that promotes mind, body and spiritual harmony. Learning and practicing Yoga can help you strike a balance. Develop flexibility, strength, stamina, agility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness through breathing, Yoga postures and meditation. Build concentration, self-discipline and inner strength. Suitable for kids, youth, adults and seniors - Enroll now! Learn More...

Rhythm Arts

No matter what performing art takes your fancy, remember that rhythm is the underlying force of every musical or dance composition. At Sanskriti, various percussion instruments from Tabla to Dhol to Manjira and more are taught to students of all ages. You will learn recitation in different ‘taals’ (rhythmic cycles) and ‘raagas’ (melodic modes) as you learn to play the percussion instrument of your choice. Sign up for a class today. Learn More...

Sanskriti Dance and Yoga Center

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